Sonia's Cayo 8

Anchored at the end of SW 8th St where pavement meets canal is a little known cantina named Sonia’s.  This Latin rooted Fish Market and Eatery is a closely guarded secret one will find should they stray in the Little Havana section of Miami.


Truth be told, the FatGuys, seldom if ever travel to Miami without stopping by for a sampling of traditional Cuban delicacies.  Included within their visit, a stop by the market for a firsthand look at what the days catch yielded.  To no surprise, ice filled tubs are brimming with snapper, grouper, shrimp and other various ultra-fresh offerings.


A peek of the menu quickly affirms the many scrum-delicious
offerings Sonia’s can offer to its patrons. A few time tested, highly recommended and truly amazing snacks include fish or seafood ceviche, grilled fish sandwich served on homemade Cuban bread,
handmade tamale, fresh shucked oyster in season and to cap of the meal, a steaming cup of Café Cubano. 
Sonia’s boasts a lively happy hour on Thursday-Friday
nights with plenty of icy cold beer and live music which is local crowd pleaser.  But no matter what day or time
you choose to visit; Sonia’s provides a first class tasting of some authentic Cuban dishes which is second to none.   

 -enjoy the Journey.