Screaming Eagle

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Napa, California
Vintage Tasted: 2003
Parings: Red Meats, Lamb, Venison, Hard Cheese and Sharp Cheddar.  Outstand alone and enjoyed for its outstanding qualities and complex beauty.


FatGuys Rating: Five-Fish
Tasting Notes:
Not regarded as a trophy year for this decadent Cab most vintners would encourage it be consumed and not held for years to come.  That said, this was still no small find for
the FatGuys. It was, and will continue to be, defined as a once in a life time opportunity to experience.  One of the greatest wines California has to offer.


The wine was decanted, allowed to breathe and integrate for
the better part of an hour.  Potentially not long enough by some standards for such a brut of a wine but nonetheless it allowed for the profile to balance and gain composure.
Lasting nose of ripe fruit, spice and some mineral undertones, on the tongue were notes of dark fruit, caramel, vanilla with just a hint of spice albeit very soft and velvety. 
Full bodied, round and balance with a longer than life finish that leaves you yearning for just one more taste.